wood burned and stains

Spice Cabinet from Reclaimed Wood

Wine Gift Box

Honey Jar Box from Reclaimed Wood
Chicken Keepsake Box

Secret Box

Wine Gift Box
Egg Gift Box
Mini Table from Reclaimed Wood
Spice Shelf/Rack
Custom Toddler Rocker
Keepsake Box
Decorative Mirror from Reclaimed Door
Custom Toy from Reclaimed Wood

Birdhouse from reclaimed door.

Wine gift box from reclaimed wood.

Keepsake Box
Keepsake Box

Crow portrait.

Wine gift box.

Birdhouse from reclaimed wood.

Keepsake Box
Mason Bee House

Whale sculpture from reclaimed pine.

Reclaimed Mesquite Birdhouse
Patriot Secret Box
PigDog - Reclaimed Mesquite
Custom Robot toy

Mirror from reclaimed oak.

Wine gift box. Reclaimed pine, laser etched design.

Mesquite secret box.

Chicken portrait.

Patio Table from Reclaimed Cedar Lumber
End Table from Reclaimed Door
Secret Box
Birdhouse Keepsake Box from Reclaimed Teak
Walnut Box

Hipster whale.

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